Healing Arts Web Design


After several false starts with other designers, I was delighted to find David Ryan. He took the time to understand our brand, its history, its challenges, and its potential and this has been instrumental in the success of our emerging yoga school.  His creativity extends beyond the graphic design and website building arenas – David listens to us, asks great questions, gives direct feedback, and then gets to work crafting a customized, intuitive solution.

Our ideas were distilled through his craftsmanship into a something more beautiful and functional than we could have envisioned. Dave takes the time to patiently explain and guide us as needed when we add another feature to the site. The synthesis of Dave’s artistry, technical skill, and warm personality shine through in each task we’ve given him.

Jane Norton

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

I am really happy I followed my intuition in choosing David to create my website. I could have chosen a designer in Australia where I live but I was drawn to Healing Art Web Design. I wanted someone who was relaxed and yet taking the job seriously, I wanted someone who genuinely cared , I wanted someone who could understand my vision and needs, someone who was patient and finally I wanted someone who was practical and would make things easy. David was perfect in all these. I love my website and yes it was great working with David! Thank you!


Owner, Kakini Yogini

Working with David was an absolute dream. He is a beautiful designer and brilliant website creator. His email response time was truly unlike I had ever seen from a web/design/computer person. He is super intuitive and knows the yoga business very well. My website came out better than I ever could have imagined it. While it was a huge amount of content to write and I had several new programs to create, working with David made the process easy and even fun. I would never work with or recommend anyone else.

Francesca Cervero

Private Yoga Teacher and Mentor

I feel so fortunate to have found such a patient, easy going, friendly and talented web designer for building my first business website ever. I definitely shopped around and spoke with quite a few web designers before settling on one. Once I found Healing Arts and spoke with David I knew this was the perfect fit for me. This project can definitely feel overwhelming and stressful at times, but luckily having David to work with made the whole experience more enjoyable and exciting then daunting. He is very encouraging and insightful every step of the way. This was the first web design project I have taken on with my business so I wasn’t entirely sure what all was involved, but I knew it would be challenging. I am so overly pleased with the end result of my new website! I love that it is so user friendly for my clients to use and for me to go in and change or add things. David definitely met above my expectations and I couldn’t be happier.

Erin Evans

Owner and Teacher

What marks me most about David is both his passion for creating outstanding work and his dedication to serving his clients fully. With attention to detail and creative innovation, David delivered just what I envisioned – a website which is elegant, clear, easily updatable and which authentically reflects my offering to the world.

Despite our communicating exclusively via the internet, from beginning to end David was always there to skillfully respond to my nit-picky questions and concerns. Even long after the completion of the project, he is still there to support me if ever I need guidance. It’s been a pleasure co-creating together and I recommend him to anyone looking for a stunning website!

Christophe Cappon

Anusara Yoga Teacher

David was exceptional to work with and very talented at what he offers. He is a great listener, responded to all of my web design/function needs and managed to get a multi-layered, complicated website up and running very efficiently, and visually pleasing. He was thorough, paying attention to all details, and completed everything I wanted and more.

Karyn Young

President, GeroNova Research, Inc.

I wanted a website that was simple, modern, and easy to navigate. I also wanted to be able to edit and update it myself. I am no technology genius to say the least – so it had to be easy! And it was. During the design process he was responsive to all my requests and took time to help me create a website that reflected who I was as a person and a professional. I did not know David before working with him on my website project – I think I got lucky that he was such a cool designer… not all of them are!

Sienna Smith

Yoga Mountain Studio Owner

David looked at my needs as a traveling yoga teacher, listened to my desires and concerns, and worked with me to create a beautiful logo and a website that exactly suits my needs and my vision. Making changes to the site is so simple that I can update it myself, even having no prior experience with web maintenance or blogging. I feel like the site captures the essence of what teaching yoga means to me; it is playful and creative, yet elegant and functional. Overall, working with David and Healing Arts Web Design was a positive experience for me.

Elizabeth Linton

Private Yoga Instuctor

David was incredibly adept at working with our ever changing needs and visions for our new company. We feel that his logo design really captures the essence of our brand. The website he created is easy to use, easy to update, attractive, clean, and professional. We needed custom functionality in order for our users to be able to download mp3s, access a supplemental library of information, and create user profiles. David’s capabilities made the creation process near painless. His patience, timeliness, and attention to detail made working with him a real pleasure. We will not hesitate to recommend David to anyone searching for website or logo design.

Robin Canfield


David did a great job! This was my first website that needed to convey multiple services offered so I was at first worried that my ideas were too vague and I will not be able to put them clearly into the website. However, David was very helpful in suggesting practical ways to deliver concepts both clearly and aesthetically. I am extremely pleased with how my website turned out and I’ve gotten many clients who have chosen me specifically because they liked the website and how it spoke to them. Thank you for building such a beautiful website, David! I couldn’t have asked for more.

Marisa De Silva

Vocal & Alexander Technique Instructor, Soprano

David stayed true to my vision but also made numerous helpful suggestions that greatly improved the final site. He not only built my website quickly, it was also done with a thorough eye to detail and the price was great. I would recommend any of my friends to him and will certainly look him up the next time I need a website done.

Gilad Chudler

Chef and Entrepreneur

David Ryan made my site beautiful while keeping it clean and clear. It’s easy to navigate and easy for me to update! I’m very happy with his work and am complimented on my site often. David continues to be accessible when I do have questions. I recommend him highly.

Amy Pastore

Yoga Instructor