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Yoga Mountain Case Study


Yoga Mountain Studio is a community-based yoga center in Fairfax, California. They have a staff of well-trained teachers and offer a variety of classes, private lessons and yoga therapy. They needed a new website that offered a more professional first impression. We took it one step further and built a custom WordPress based website that includes the studio’s schedule and events, a multi-author blog, a teacher directory, newsletter integration, and lots of other features that make the new site easy to update and stay connected through social media.

Look and Feel

Besides incorporating elements of the studio’s beautiful Marin County landscape into the background of the site, we chose a new color palette that is bright and energetic without being overwhelming. We also updated the yoga studio’s brand identity with a logo refresh that simplified the existing typeface and brandmark. Strong, clear typography throughout the site also helped us establish a professional feel and ensure that all of the information on the site looks good and is easy to read.

Mind Body Online Integration

Like lots of yoga studios out there, Yoga Mountain uses Mind Body Online for their class scheduling. We used HealCode (a Mind Body Online partner) to integrate clean, easy-to-understand schedules to the website that automatically update every time the master Mind Body schedule is changed.

Content Management

Although the site was built using WordPress, an open-source platform, everything was coded from scratch to make sure we included all of the features the studio needed and none of the features that would just add extra weight. Some of the custom developments we implemented for the Yoga Mountain site are:

  • A teacher directory including photos and bios (using custom post types)
  • Multi-author blog including appropriate login permissions and custom author archives
  • Multiple widget areas throughout the site to make editing as easy as possible
  • Social media integration to make posting to Facebook and Twitter seamless
  • Interactive footer area that includes a testimonials widget (custom post type) and a photo gallery

Responsive Design

The Yoga Mountain site adapts to any screen that it is viewed on, from an iPhone to the largest desktop monitor. You can try resizing your browser window to see how the site changes to fit the screen. Ultimately, this makes for a much better experience for anyone using the site on a device like a phone or a tablet.

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