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Marisa de Silva Case Study

Project Background

Marisa De Silva is a singer, voice teacher, and Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique in Orange County, California. As a singer she has been invited to numerous music festivals around the world where she has distinguished herself particularly in the Spanish, Ibero-American, and American New Music repertoire.

Client Needs

Marisa’s goal was a website that would not only promote herself as a voice, piano, and Alexander Technique instructor, but also let her publish her activities as a classical Soprano vocalist.

Proper Planning

What Healing Arts Web Did

Since Marisa has several different focuses in her professional life, producing the sitemap and the overall flow of the site was a challenge. We worked together to create organize the site in a way that showcased her activities as a professional singer, but also gave lots of attention to current and prospective students vocal students and Alexander Technique students.

User Interface

We made navigaing the website as easy as possible by using sub-navigation that is easy to understand. We made sure there were lots of opportunities to contact Marisa for scheduling, and integrated PayPal directly onto the Lessons page to make paying for lessons easy.

Web design for the Alexander Technique

Putting it All Together

Look and Feel

Marisa spent 4 years studying the Alexander Technique, a type of bodywork that restores coordination and ease of movement. The approach we took to the design of marisadesilva.com uses soft colors and textures to highlight excellent photography that shows Marisa doing what she does best.

Brand Consistency

We created business cards for Marisa to match her website and keep her brand professional.

Web design for the Alexander Technique

What the Client Said

David did a great job! This was my first website that needed to convey multiple services offered so I was at first worried that my ideas were too vague and I will not be able to put them clearly into the website. However, David was very helpful in suggesting practical ways to deliver concepts both clearly and aesthetically. I am extremely pleased with how my website turned out and I’ve gotten many clients who have chosen me specifically because they liked the website and how it spoke to them. Thank you for building such a beautiful website, David! I couldn’t have asked for more.

Marisa de Silva

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