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Free Yoga Teacher Business Card PSD

Yoga Teacher Business Card PSD

I created a misty, forest-themed business card template in Photoshop that I’m making available today as the first in a series of graphic design giveaways for yoga teachers, designers, and anyone else who will put my designs to good use. My intention is to start giving back to the communities that have supported my growth as a designer (and person). I’ve used countless stock images, Photoshop brushes, fonts, and design tips from design websites that I figured it’s time to start creating some useful giveaways as a way to say thanks.

The Design

Free Yoga Teacher PSD Business Card

The design uses texture, soft colors, and strong typography to create a simple, elegant, and natural feel for a business card that is suitable for yoga teachers, artists, or anyone who feels that the design works for their business. I’ve used some layer styles (and less than 100% Fill) on the type to create the letterpress-type effect that you may or may not be getting sick of right now. There is a lot of attention to detail and I’m sure the cards will look great up close and personal.

Fully Layered, Print-Ready PSD

The template is an organized, labeled, and fully layered PSD that is ready for print. It includes appropriate guides for bleeds and text-safe zone, and is in CMYK color mode at 300dpi resolution. Each layer is labeled appropriately and grouped to make editing quick and painless.


In order to edit the Photoshop template, you’ll need:

  • Photoshop. Duh.
  • the free font Bebas available on Font Squirrel (amazing source for fonts that you can use in your web and print designs).
  • I’m assuming you already have a copy of the font Georgia on your machine. If you don’t, that’s just kind of weird!

If you know how to edit a Photoshop file, chances are you won’t need it, but here’s an article on installing new fonts from dafont.com just in case.

Download PSD 5.6 MB



This file can be used/edited for your personal and commercial projects. The only thing you cannot do is redistribute the file in anyway as your own or make it available for sale. If you use the template, I’d love to see links to the finished projects in the comments below. Enjoy and check back soon for more free templates, files, and resources for your projects!

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About the Author:

David is an experienced web designer and WordPress developer who runs Healing Arts Web, offering quality custom websites to small businesses and teachers. He is also a musician, avid disc golfer and espresso enthusiast.


  1. Sy says:

    Thanks for this!

  2. Jarod says:

    It is a beautiful business card design, that is filled with small little details, that let your eye move around. At the moment I have no use for the design but I will keep it in mind and save it for a later.

    Thank’s for this wonderful freebie!

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